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Last post, promise.

Although [ profile] scully_fest is closed, we now have collections at the archive! One for Scully Fest works and one for the Scully in 155 stories.

Please add your stuff! And write more 155 fics! Celebrate ALL the Scully!

your mods [ profile] tree & [ profile] wendelah1
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Now that Scully Fest is officially over, it's time for the round-up post! First, though, a few 'thank you's:

  1. To [ profile] wendelah1 for having the idea in the first place, for letting me be her partner in crime, and for doing probably most of the heavy lifting, and just generally being a superhero.

  2. To everyone who contributed, whether by posting a fanwork or promoting the community or showing up in the comments.

  3. To Chris Carter for creating Scully and to Gillian Anderson for making her extraordinary.

And now, on to the master list of fanworks! (Note: I haven't included contributions that were posted by people other than the creators.)

Graphics and multimedia:


Scully in 155 Words:

As the saying goes, that's all, folks. Please let me know if I've missed anything.


Feb. 25th, 2014 11:09 am
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I know Scully Fest is over but I think this deserves a link     :)
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155 final

Track List & Authors:
00:00:00 Rabbit by [ profile] discordantwords
00:01:22 The Message by [ profile] wendelah1
00:02:57 A Woe that is Madness by [ profile] wendelah1
00:04:24 Rewired by [ profile] badforthefish
00:05:54 Big Day by [ profile] estella_c

Reader: [ profile] idella
Reader's notes: A mini-anthology of all the 'Scully in 155' stories written for this fest at the time of posting. Thank you to all of the authors involved for permission to record.

Length: 7 minutes 25 seconds (6.80 MB mp3; 3.54 MB m4b)
mp3: download at here
m4b audiobook: download at here


If you wish to leave feedback for the authors please do so at the links included in the track list, or visit this post. Thank you!
If you wish to leave feedback for the reader please do so in the comments to this post. Thank you!
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In honor of Dana Scully's birthday, just under the wire, I want to share with you all my very favorite XF music video.  I believe it was made by the wonderful BDodd, for the 2001 Scully Marathon.  This version has a tacked-on still montage at the beginning but it is still powerful.

So here's to Scully, who even now inspires and moves us.

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I thought for the free-for-all I'd revisit the non-fic fanthings I've made for Scully over the years. I had thought there were more, but the others involve Mulder. Not everything is about you, Mulder.

So I present Scully have I loved, a visual and auditory retrospective!


Strange Loop - a Never Again mix made for the episode challenge at [ profile] waywardmixes.

Nine Songs - one song for each season.


A Gun and a Girl - Dana Scully and her gun - what it says on the tin.

Favourite Character - Dana Scully - made for the eponymous challenge at [ profile] picspammy.
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Three years ago on February 26, I wrote this character manifesto for [ profile] het_reccers, which happened to nearly coincide with Dana Scully's 47th birthday. Since I am too sick to get anything new written, I thought I would go ahead and repost it. I updated the picture. There may be some new thoughts added at the end, if I think any new thoughts and don't fall over from the weight of thinking them.

 photo 09684578-88bc-420a-a5f7-a2fc06eb1def_zps5871094f.jpg

There will never be another character I love the way I love Dana Scully )

The original post is at the community, along with 10 mostly very MSR-centric fanfic recs.

It's three years later, and I am still a prisoner of love for this wonderful character. Happy Birthday, Dana Scully, and many happy returns of the day.
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Quick note just to say hi... I realized last month Scully's birthday was coming up but didn't think anyone else would remember. I found this comm literally a couple of days ago and was thrilled to learn just how wrong I was!

FicTitle: "Ridiculous Thoughts"
Rating: PG
Word count: 2,690
Spoilers: Takes place in the near-aftermath of "Memento Mori" (4x14); also contains huge spoilers for the film The Usual Suspects
Status: Complete
Summary: Our two favorite feds have a series of deep non-conversations about things like death, hope, and Mulder's eating habits.

(X Marks the spot.)


Feb. 23rd, 2014 04:16 pm
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My entry for the free-for-all day

Happy Birthday Scully!

the rest )
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This is actually from Youtube and it is not my creation (props go to Sophie Brown, who made it). It's after the style of Facebook's recent "a look back" slide shows, and it's very clever:

I've been enjoying everything about Scully Fest. Thanks, mods, for putting it together, and thanks to all the contributors as well!
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Since I didn't have time to write a fic, here are a few demotivational posters to celebrate the event.

Thank You Tumblr for the Cornucopia of Gifs. )
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For Scully's 50th [ profile] badforthefish and I decided to do something a little different.

It ummm... didn't go according to plan and our first attempt took over 4 hours

Our second foray into the world of animation met with a little more success however.

So without further ado I bring you Scully's 50th Birthday present from Mulder. With thanks to [ profile] badforthefish for her endless patience, string
pulling, button pushing, movement making and advice.

Happy Birthday Scully

Also our first attempt, which in hindsight was a little too adventurous.

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In honor of Scully's birthday, I present this very silly genre-bending movie poster for "Milagro."

(click for larger)

It's a riff of the poster art for "Bridget Jones's Diary", the original which can be viewed here.
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Moderator Wendelah posting again for [ profile] estella_c. This is her free-for-all day contribution.

Title: "Ambivalent Hair Day"
Author: [ profile] estella_c
Rating: Gen
Warnings: none
Word count: 388

Summary: Scully is worried about her hair but it all works out in the end.

Scully worried about her hair. Her inner Dana thought it looked great and brought out the blue in her eyes. She had turned it red to celebrate the passing of Ethan into the possibilities of suburban life, provided he could fill the opening of fiancee.

Still, Scully was a career woman in a suit and had security issues to consider. Did the FBI frown on brilliant hair? Was it a recognition problem during stakeouts? Did AD Skinner find it unprofessional? He focused on her oddly at times. He had a powerful focus. And great abs. She yearned to ask Ellen, but Ellen knew nothing of Bureau Girl Gaffes and their cruel subtleties. God, why wasn't it all written down.

She finally asked her partner, in a partnerly way.

“Mulder, is my hair unprofessional?”

“What?” He was looking at an old porn calendar and had a line of pencils ready to launch.

She was asking this man. Well, he wore good suits. With bad ties.

“It's silly, but I dyed it red and I'm worried it's too distracting for daily duty. There's no one to ask,” she added dispiritedly.

Mulder lowered his feet and stared at her. “Scully, your hair is always well-groomed.” Was he disoriented? “Why did you dye it?”

“It had to do with my ex-boyfriend.” She immediately regretted saying that.

His eyes glinted. “Should we discuss this?”

“Of course not. Just tell me if it's too red.” Embarrassment hovered.

“Right.” Actually, Mulder looked embarrassed. “Scully, I never thought I'd say this to you, but I'm colorblind. And you appear as kind of brown. Your hair, that is.” His forehead creased. “Maybe it's been a darker brown lately?”

Scully was startled by her unforeseen gaffe. “I'd better ask Agent Henderson.” She smiled reassuringly and left.

It was later that she started pondering the driving issues.
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As chosen by the Scully Fest members, our final episode is "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose," one of my favorites. Though it begins with a murder and ends with a suicide, it doesn't leave the viewer feeling hopeless. The story is a perfect mixture of light and dark, with the bleakness of a serial murder investigation interlaced with black humor. The script won an Emmy for Darin Morgan. In the span of 44 minutes, Peter Boyle creates an unforgettable character, winning an Emmy for his performance.

 photo b74f4142-1cca-4387-9598-9b9379f152d2_zps344441d1.jpg

Writer/s: Darin Morgan
Director: David Nutter
Originally aired: October 13, 1995 (in the US) – 6th March 1996 (in Australia)

Synopsis: In the course of the FBI's investigation into the serial killings of psychics, Mulder and Scully meet Clyde Bruckman, a psychic whose only ability is to predict when people will die. (What does he do for a living? He sells life insurance.) He will eventually help lead the FBI to the killer.

Most Memorable Quote: How do I choose just one? The entire episode is quotable. This dialogue inspired some of the fandom's best fanfiction.
SCULLY: So, Ahab mistakes the prophecy and as a result, dies. A similar fate happens to MacBeth.
CLYDE BRUCKMAN: Still, you're not the least bit curious?
(There is a knock on the door.)
SCULLY: That must be Mulder. Time for the midnight shift.
(She puts her cards down and stands up. She goes towards the door, but then walks back up to Bruckman.)
All right. So how do I die?

Episode transcript.
Not Just a Fluke: How Darin Morgan Saved The X-Files Jonathan Kirby, Pop Matters.
The Immortal Agent Scully Josh Daniel, Slate.
Autumn Tysko's review.
Sarah Stegall's review.

Fanfiction: These are all takes on the Scully is immortal trope. They are all different, all brilliant, and all very dark. That's a warning. If these look familiar, it's because they're all cribbed from the "Tithonus" post.
Fata Morgana by Julie Fortune. Another take on how Scully becomes immortal.
How a Resurrection Really Feels by [ profile] idella. Summary: Experimental living.
Fathoms Five by [ profile] penumbra23. Summary: Never is a very long time.

From the spoilers section at Gossamer, I can recommend "Monotone" by Pacquin. She calls it an homage to the Mulder/Scully first time genre. It made me laugh, though it has nothing to do with the episode as far as I can tell.
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Friends, I have two words for you: auto-erotic asphyxiation.

No, it's not my plans for Saturday Night! It's the winner of the community episode vote!

free glitter text and family website at

So pull out those season 3 DVDs again and get ready to be amazed by the Stupendous Yappi one more time as we celebrate the actual day of Scully's birth.

7x14 Theef

Feb. 22nd, 2014 05:00 pm
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Dirt and flesh-eating diseases and microwaves, oh my!

scully looking pensive

Writer: Vince Gilligan, John Shiban & Frank Spotnitz
Director: Kim Manners
Originally aired: March 12th, 2000

Synopsis: A doctor is found murdered in his home with the word THEEF painted on the wall. Mulder thinks it's hexcraft; Scully thinks it's not. Enter creepy Oral Peattie, conforming to all of the stereotypes of Appalachia. Turns out the son of the dead doc who's also a doctor treated Peattie's daughter after she was involved in an accident. She died. Now Peattie is killing Dr Wieder's family one by one.

Most Memorable Quote
SCULLY: I'll always keep you guessing.

Transcript at Inside the X

Above Minnesota by Cecily Sasserbaum - (author's summary) After the events of Theef, Mulder and Scully take a San Francisco-Washington DC flight home. It's all about conversation, kids.
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Posted for [ profile] estella_c by her LJ minion Wendelah.

Title: Girl Talk
Author: [ profile] estella_c
Rating: Maybe R. A couple of swear words, some talk about sex but no action. I forget how these things work.

Summary: Matters of life, love, and death with the Scully sisters.

Author's note: I must say a word about my beta, Wendy, who is rigid, dictatorial, and nit-picky. In a word, excellent. She is also a dear friend, but you guys don't have to put up with the mushy stuff. I won't mention her again.

read Girl Talk )
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Apart from the mytharc, this is probably the plot arc that takes the longest to resolve. Donnie Pfaster is, to me, the scariest MOTW the show ever had. Part of that is an excellent performance by Nick Chinlund, but the larger part is that a man who preys on women is all too believable, and all too real, a threat.

scully trying not to cry

the slight trembling of her lips,
a stoic’s most powerful expression
of fear and impotence.
—Bob Hicok

Writer: Chris Carter
Director: David Nutter
Originally aired: January 13th, 1995

Synopsis: Mulder and a Scully still fresh from losing her father investigate a reported death fetishist. While they're there the crimes escalate from grave desecration to murder. Scully is deeply affected and shaken by the crimes. They become personal. And then it gets even more personal when she's targeted by our friendly neighbourhood death fetishist who might also happen to be demonic.

Most Memorable Quote
SCULLY: I know the world is full of predators, just as it has always been. And I know it's my job to protect people from them. And I've counted on that fact to give me faith in my ability to do what I do. I want that faith back. I need it back.

Sara Stegall's review
Autumn Tysko's review
Transcript at Inside the X

Interlude by Syntax6 - a short, moving post episode.


scully just after shooting donnie pfaster

Writer: Chip Johannessen
Director: Rob Bowman
Originally aired: January 9th, 1999

Synopsis: Mulder and Scully travel to Illinois to investigate Pfaster's escape from prison. Also missing is the prison chaplain, Reverend Orison. (One of the interesting things about this episode is the play on words. 'Orison' literally means a prayer. It comes from the Latin 'oratio' meaning 'speech'. The Reverend even says at one point: 'His is the Word. I am but the Messenger who delivers it.') This episode, like Irresistible, is about faith, about Scully's faith. Once again she's targeted by Pfaster. This time she kills him

Most Memorable Quote
SCULLY: He was evil, Mulder. I'm sure about that, without a doubt. But there's one thing that I'm not sure of.
MULDER: What's that?
SCULLY: Who was at work in me. Or what... what made me... what made me pull the trigger.
MULDER: You mean if it was God?
SCULLY: I mean... what if it wasn't?

X-Files Wiki
Transcript at Inside the X

Anyone with a Gun by V. Salmone - Mulder and Scully in the aftermath
Atomic Split by Pteropod - beautiful and intimate
Exorcist Stairs by Elanor G - look, Wendy, a casefile!
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Whew, between extra hours at work, school vacation, and illness, I wasn't sure I was going to make it today!

Title: In the Moment
Author: xfdryad
Spoilers: post-series
Rating: PG, GEN, AU
Summary: When they say jump, you don't ask how high.

Read it on AO3
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